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Photo of Brian Horbay

Brian Horbay


Phone: 780-672-6654

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Pat McManus

Pat McManus

Educational Assistants

Photo of Cheryl Sawchuk

Cheryl Sawchuk

Photo of Heather Wunsch

Heather Wunsch

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Sharon Judd

Sharon Judd

Teaching Staff

Photo of Michelle Bjorgum

Michelle Bjorgum

Grade 1/2 Homeroom

Photo of Melissa Evenson

Melissa Evenson

Grade 8/9 Homeroom

placeholder image for Taren Holden

Taren Holden

Grade 6/7 Homeroom

Photo of Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson

Grade 4/5 Homeroom

Photo of Jordyn Pennington

Jordyn Pennington


Photo of Jazmin Roe

Jazmin Roe

Grade 3/4 Homeroom

placeholder image for Victoria Zook

Victoria Zook

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